Community, the Verb was born from the recognition that what is personal is also political: if we are to tackle major systems of oppression like capitalism and white supremacy, we must first look closely at how they influence our own intimate relationships and social spaces. This event insists that we cannot treat our dance communities as merely a cathartic escape from difficult negotiations of power and privilege — and yet nevertheless it is also through the power of our personal connections within our dance community that we can choose to provide the needed support in how we build and practice better racial awareness.


Community, the Verb offers space and support for white people to learn together, exist in discomfort together, and discover new ways to be in conflict together, in order to build better tools to understand whiteness and its impact in our dance scene and wider world. Rather than exploring these topics only from an intellectual framework, we will be engaging with them using our bodies, emotions, and movements in order to learn and to engage with each other on an even deeper level. The work we need to do in our efforts towards racial justice is messy, and yet the need to do it, together, is clear.

So join us at an event where community and transformation come together and where community is not just a word, but a verb.



Registration for Community, the Verb is closed. Even if you aren’t able to make it to the full workshop part of the weekend, you can still join us at the super sweet Community the Verb (re)Integration Party!

If you still need to pay for your pass or would like to donate to Community, the Verb, you may do so directly through PayPal.

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